Crazy Fast Proxies, You’ll Go Bananas!

Why Should You Pick Us?

Instant Delivery

Your proxies are instantly delivered to you no matter the time! always make sure that we will do our best that we don’t delay you setting up for your release!

Fast & Reliable

Our Proxies are very reliable as we run one server for one proxy, also we have up to 1GBs up-link and down-link per proxy


As we all know, ping is a huge factor in copping sneakers on major releases, so that’s why we offer a huge variety of locations to suit your specific needs.

Choose Your Sneaker Proxy Plan


Starting at 60$

Dedicated ISP Proxies
Quality ISPs
Instant Delivery
Supports US Sites


Starting at 20$

Residential Proxies
Worldwide Locations!
Instant Delivery
Secret Sauce

Frequently Asked Questions

ISPs or Residential Proxies

Depends on the site you are running on, some sites favor ISPs and others Resis. Ask us to find out more!

How fast are these Proxies?

Speed is not a concern @ ApeProxies

Delivery Date

Proxies are instantly delivered

Do I need a Bot?

No, you can use them manually, however, we do recommend using a bot with our proxies

IP Authenticated or Password Authenticated?

Most of our Proxies are Password authenticated